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Q1: How do I get remote support from the Service Desk?
If you require remote technical support from the BlueBay Service Desk, you will be asked to open your web browser and access the website - This website allows a Technician to connect to your PC and help you with your issue.

When you access the website, you will need to enter Your Name (to identify yourself to the Technician) and a Support Key, which will be provided by the Technician. If this is the first time you have requested remote support from the Service Desk, you will be prompted to install a small application on your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this process.

Once the connection has been successfully made, the Technician will be able to view and share your screen to help troubleshoot your issues.

If you require regular remote support from the BlueBay Service Desk, we strongly recommend you download the GoToAssist Unattended App and install this on your PC. You can download the file here.
Q2: How can I log a request for support?
There are a number of ways that you can log a request for support with the BlueBay Service Desk.

The main method of logging new requests or checking on the status of existing support requests is by calling the Service Desk on 0845 521 1241. You will be asked to provide a few basic details, including your NACS Code or User Number to help us identify you are calling from the correct Practice or Organisation. Once you have logged a 'ticket' with us, you will be given a ticket number by the Technician and will also be sent a confirmation of your request using the email address you have provided. If you are simply chasing up the progress of a ticket that has already been logged with the Service Desk, the technician will provide an update over the phone.

An alternative method for logging new tickets or checking the progress of existing tickets, is by using our new Support Portal. This is a much quicker and more convenient method for most users. Before you can use the Support Portal, you will be required to register for the service. However, this is an extremely quick and easy process. Once you are registered, you will be sent a password reset link using the email address you have provided and must change your password before you can login. After you have successfully logged into the Portal, you will be able to log new support requests, check the progress of your tickets, and update the tickets with more information.

For full instructions on using the Support Portal, please download the 'Using the BlueBay Support Portal' guide on this page. If you are experiencing difficulties in using this new service, please call the Service Desk on 0845 521 1241 for further assistance.
Access Support Tickets

Log new support tickets and check the progress of existing support tickets with our online support portal (registration required).

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