Outcomes Manager

Refining Healthcare

Outcomes Manager is a cloud-based solution for managing the authoring, publishing, distribution and data analysis from practices using BlueBayCT and Vision+. Using industry standard ASP.NET platforms coupled with open-source database technologies, the solution provides a secure and robust infrastructure hosted within an N3 environment.

How Will Outcomes Manager Help My Organisation?

CCGs, Health Boards & Other NHS Organisations
Easily manage and share your referral and prescribing pathways, enhanced service frameworks, and health improvement initiatives with a fully interactive, easy-to-use solution for your whole GP practice estate.

Corporate or Research Organisations Involved in Healthcare
Help drive change in healthcare with a comprehensive solution that offers clinical decision support, data collection, and data analysis capabilities.

The Service Management Dashboard within Outcomes Manager allows organisations to manage distribution of published pathways to GP practices and to track the success/failure rates and usage.

Pathway Authoring Tools

Pathways, protocols, clinical guidelines, and rules are all produced via a separate authoring toolkit, which facilitates the rapid production of the clinical interface elements, as well as the reporting and audit functions. This toolkit provides a visual interface to design workflows, create rules and decisions, generate interactive alerts and clinical templates, and integrate clinical risk calculators.

The resulting workflows and rules produced via the authoring tools are completely scalable. From producing simple decision support alerts at the point of consultation, to full ‘QOF-like’ applications using structured data entry tools, reports and call/recall functions, through to complex clinical guidelines and pathways.

Once the pathway has been distributed to the respective GP Practice, the core BlueBayCT and Vision+ applications will interpret the rules/workflow within the pathway and interact with the patient record via the Vision, EMIS, or TPP API.

Reporting Dashboards

Outcomes Manager includes a comprehensive suite of reporting tools. Data from the pathways are uploaded to a secure cloud-based reporting dashboard, giving healthcare managers and informatics teams invaluable information about the healthcare within the local population.

No patient-identifiable data leaves the GP practice – only anonymised statistics about the use of pathways and their outcomes are uploaded to the reporting dashboard.

BlueBayCT and Vision+ deliver comprehensive 'real-time' decision support at the point of consultation between the clinician and the patient.