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BlueBayCT Core Framework

BlueBayCT is a fully-featured Clinical Management Tool which at its core facilitates decision support that interacts in real-time at the point of care, giving clinicians clear best practice advice.

The BlueBayCT tool allows non-technical users to transform paper-based guidelines into clinical rules and workflows that are automatically compiled to create a self-contained application. This application provides clinicians with a combination of recommendations and prompts, intuitive clinical management screens and data capture tools, and practice reporting and call/recall functions to assist with adherence to care pathways and clinical guidelines.

Works With:    

Real-Time Decision Support
Rule-Based Framework
Simple Intuitive Interface
Seamless Integration

QOF Management

By far it’s most popular application, BlueBayCT offers a state-of-the-art QOF Management solution to GP practices, delivering real-time opportunistic reminders to clinicians about specific QOF requirements for each patient.

Practice Management staff also have access to the comprehensive suite of QOF activity reports, predictive analysis and prevelance search functions.

Annual patient call/recall forms a significant part of each practice’s QOF requirements, and these are all catered for within BlueBayCT’s intelligent recall generation and tracking system.

Enhanced Service Frameworks

The comprehensive function set included within BlueBayCT makes it the ideal solution to help deliver Enhanced Service requirements for many CCGs or Health Boards in the UK. Interactive real-time prompts identify patients eligible for each Enhanced Service, from which the clinician can then use a customised management screen to help caputure all the data required for the service.

Practices can check periodically to ensure that payment schedules are being checked, and if patients are required to attend for a review, the Management team can use the inherent call/recall functions to facilitate this.

Risk Assessment & Health Screening

Using BlueBayCT you can quickly identify patients at risk and automate patient risk stratification. Add patients to your care register directly - no need to manually find patients from a list. Electronically produce and manage personalised care plans.

Interactive care pathways and screening tools identify your patients for screening initiatives quickly and effortlessly.

Our screening programmes provide clinical decision support during patient encounters which assist in reinforcing national consistency and drive improvement.

Simplify your patient call and recall processes by letting BlueBayCT do the hard work, with easy-to-use mail merge documents, SMS messaging, Docmail® integration, and automatic invite tracking!

Practice Payment Reports

A new reporting feature for BlueBayCT allows you to quickly identify patients who have generated or missed milestones in order to attain payments for that patient. Attained payments are visible alongside the underlying clinicalnon clinical rules that govern the payments.

Custom messages clearly display if the patient has passed/failed or not fully met the criteria in order to attain full or partial payments.

BlueBayCT Practice Payment Reports allows Clinicians and management to view and drill down into patients records to identify missed targets and take action accordingly. This ensures that justifiable revenue is achieved.

Practice Payment Report
Practice Reports

Statistics & Analytics

BlueBayCT includes a comprehensive set of reporting tools that can be applied across the entire practice population, the main feature being the Practice List reports. Just like the clinical functions, reporting is done in “real-time” using up-to-date patient information.

Analysis reports are based on registers and key point indicators (KPIs) derived from denominators and numerators for each patient and expressed as percentages. For example, a detailed analysis may show numbers of patients on a particular disease register, with further analysis plotted against patients who have satisfied or not satisfied specific criteria for that disease.

These reports also provide an overall summary breakdown of KPIs for patients, enabling users to quickly identify which patients require specific tasks to be completed.

Clinical Guidelines

BlueBayCT Clinical guidelines recommend how healthcare professionals should care for people with specific conditions.

Guidelines can be downloaded to your clinical system on demand or even pushed automatically as part of a national or local programme.

Interactive popup alerts provide real time information and advice. Our tools assist in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and longer-term management through interactive templates.

These electronic pathways read the patients record in real time and guides the clinician through the current stem of the clinical guideline accordingly.