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Overview of Products & Services

BlueBay Medical Systems are accredited partners with EMIS Health, TPP, and Vision Health, providing integrated healthcare solutions for over 95% of the UK’s NHS Primary Care Medical Systems. The business also has advanced commercial agreements with Vision Health, providing support and software development resource for a number of high-profile projects.

BlueBay are also working towards GPSoC and GPConnect assurance with NHS Digital.

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Healthcare Software Solutions from BlueBay Medical Systems

Refining Healthcare
Decision Support (EMIS/TPP)
Decision Support (Vision)
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Bespoke Healthcare Software Development

Everything we do at BlueBay Medical Systems revolves around developing healthcare software applications. From developing integrated web and mobile applications, to developing complex software applications used across multiple healthcare sectors. We know what it takes to design, develop, support, maintain and deliver successful bespoke medical solutions.

If you have a project/idea and would consider working with a specialist healthcare application developer, chances are very high that we would have the appropriate experience in developing something similar and will be able to hit the ground running very quickly. We believe in developing long-term partnerships and have a flexible approach to projects that most prospective partners find fair and reasonable.

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